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Women Can Use Our Unique Advantages—Our Kick A**ets—To Advance Our Careers and Shine As Leaders

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Men still think they run the world. Men still think they dictate the rules.

We have the power to change this right now.

Women possess special abilities uniquely qualifying us for success. Each of us has the potential, the promise, and the genetic birthright to become whatever kind of woman we want.

Women have the ability to join up intelligence (we are equally able to evaluate strategies and analytic markers), empathy, and emotions to enhance our capacity for thought and our understanding of interpersonal dynamics. We are born with these qualities and thereafter learn through societal norms to exhibit them. The result? Women have superior, more highly developed emotional intelligence—and excel as leaders. Harvard Business Review recognized women’s superior leadership skills, hailing emotional intelligence as “a ground-breaking, paradigm-shattering idea.”

What’s behind this conclusion? Social scientists designed empirical studies to analyze the factors that increase corporate productivity and management effectiveness and developed a matrix of the measurable competencies most important for overall leadership effectiveness. In study after study women rate higher than men in 11 of those 12 competencies. And the higher scores are not just in competencies reflecting so-called “soft” skills, such as dealing with people’s feelings. In fact, two of the traits in which women outscored men to the highest degree—taking initiative and driving for results—have long been perceived as particularly male strengths

Based on these studies,the Harvard Business Review published an article finding that “thousands of academic studies have demonstrated the predictive power of scientific EQ assessments vis-à-vis job performance, leadership potential, entrepreneurship, and employability.”[1] Other publications jumped on the bandwagon.

Despite how some men see it, women’s ability to lead should hardly be a groundbreaking revelation. Still, the recognition of women’s superior leadership skills, as chronicled in research studies, media reports, and now the recommendations of management consultants and efficiency experts, gives us an empirical basis to effect change. When Forbes, McKinsey & Company, the Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal talk, men listen. The time is ripe for us to act boldly.

No longer will women with demonstrably superior leadership skills meekly carry out men’s bidding. No more will we allow male bosses to disrespect us or belittle highly accomplished women. It’s time to flex our freshly-accredited competencies to prevent men from stepping on or over us in their quest for success. We must use our proven superior emotional intelligence as a springboard to excel as leaders.

Now is the time for women to:

Speak up. Be brave and take risks. If you have an idea or disagree with what’s being said for reasons you think are sound, speak up. Shut down mansplaining, manterrupting or allowing men to appropriate your ideas as their own

Step up. Opportunities are rarely handed to you on a plate—you have to reach out and seize them. Take risks and advocate for yourself. When you get your hands on a project, dive into it and take charge.

Show up and display your true grit. Demonstrate the tenacity to prove yourself over and over. Take on the next challenge and keep achieving. Push back against those who deny you what they need..

Stand up for yourself. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. How will you ever reach your goals if you quietly perform only those assignments you are handed? Ask for plum and stretch assignments, leadership roles, salary increases and promotions.

[1] *Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Michael Sanger, “How to Boost Your (and Others’) Emotional Intelligence,” Harvard Business Review, January 9, 2017.

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