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The Mommy Penalty

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Societal Biases Thrive Long After The Reasons Behind Them Die The floodgates have opened on sexual harassment claims. Yet the harsh treatment of working mothers has been ignored. While working women focus on shattering the glass ceiling and equal pay for equal work, working mothers face a “maternal wall.”[1] Prejudice against working mothers or as… continue reading »

The Meanest Woman Alive™’s Top 9 Tips for Staying Sane While Seeking Success

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Gal Gadot in a scene from “Wonder Woman.” Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment, via Associated Press Women, in the workplace the highest positions don’t always go to the most talented people. Even if they have only limited talent, most high performers are simply hard workers. But beyond the talent and the elbow grease, there is another… continue reading »

Women Can Use Our Unique Advantages—Our Kick A**ets—To Advance Our Careers and Shine As Leaders

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Men still think they run the world. Men still think they dictate the rules. We have the power to change this right now. Women possess special abilities uniquely qualifying us for success. Each of us has the potential, the promise, and the genetic birthright to become whatever kind of woman we want. Women have the… continue reading »

Harvey Weinstein Is Not Alone — Either In Hollywood Or Anywhere Else In The Business World

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“Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein Wasn’t Fired for Being a Pig, He Was Fired for Being Exposed as One.” The Weinstein circus is just more proof that the old boys’ club is alive and well. For decades, Hollywood has turned a blind eye on the rainmaking producer, protecting Weinstein from rampant accusations of foul behavior ranging… continue reading »

Confidence is Everything: How To Start Conquering Your Self-Doubt (Part I)

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Part I—The Problem Learning That Failure is Not Fatal You all know exactly what I’m talking about. That constant internal critical voice telling you that you should have said or not said something or that you should have done or not done something. Harping at you that you’re not good enough, you’re going to embarrass… continue reading »

Women, Are You Tired of Being Interrupted by Men In Meetings? Let’s Stop That Now. (Part 2)

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  Part 2-How to Prevent Interruption Midstream   Men speak to determine and achieve power and status. Women talk to determine and achieve connection. Given that in American society speaking is considered the power position, it is no wonder that men interrupt to take the floor more often. Here are some of the techniques that… continue reading »

Women, Are You Tired of Being Interrupted By Men In Meetings? Let’s Stop That Now. (Part I)

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Part I-The Problem   First, know that you are not alone. Studies have shown that men interrupt women in any business setting 33% more often than they interrupt each other. To make matters worse, if a man speaks over a woman while she is presenting an idea, the idea is either dismissed or, if it… continue reading »