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"In 2017, it shocks me that talented, fantastic women are still not making it to the top. Women enter professions in the same numbers as men, but don’t make it up the ladder of success like men do. Too many of them fall off, get pushed off, or burn out along the way. And I’ve had enough."

Lessons from
The Meanest Woman Alive

• Do you compete according to the guidelines of a male playbook?
• Do men call the shots at your company?
• If you act forcefully or competitively, are you labeled a bitch?
• As a woman, are you held to a higher performance standard that makes you prove yourself over and over?
• Do you struggle with self-sabotage, self-doubt, fear, or the imposter syndrome?

Linda Smith is here to help. In her forthcoming book, Lessons from the Meanest Woman Alive, Linda writes for any woman starting out in the workforce or stuck somewhere on the ladder to the top—no matter what career she’s chosen, whether she’s a graduating student, an entrepreneur, or a middle manager. Linda perfected her formula for success in the world of Big Law while litigating “bet-the-company” cases for some of the world’s foremost corporations, but her formula applies to all women in business.

Lessons from the Meanest Woman Alive'
Linda with Shaquille O'Neal's shoe'
About the book

Linda believes that women have the capacity to be strong and bold no matter what the circumstances. And she knows from long experience exactly what it’s like to take on entrenched misogyny—and win. In her book, Linda shares her hard-won life wisdom, backed by careful research, to help you understand:
• The internal and external forces holding women back
• How to use your feminine wiles while maintaining professionalism
• How to overcome self-defeating behaviors
• The importance of grit and toughness
• How to “fake it until you make it”—and the importance of doing so
• When and how to infiltrate the “old boys’ network”
• How to isolate and neutralize assholes
• How to deal with sexual harassment
• Why women’s attributes make them vastly superior leaders
• How to establish your dominance in competitive situations
• How to lead as a “benevolent dictator”—and inspire fierce loyalty from your team
• The challenge of feeding your soul as you build your legacy

You, too, can become a badass in your career. In this book, Linda shows you how.